Welcome to Encouraging Working Moms!

Come on in! Lisa and I are so excited to fling open the doors to this new space for working moms. This is a place for working moms to be understood, to belong, to experience grace and be refreshed. We are grateful that you have joined us on this journey, and pray that the community here will show you how dearly you are loved and appreciated.

Lisa and I met through an (in)courage community group on Facebook for working new moms. We now co-lead the group together, and have started this blog as a way to share encouragement with our group and with all working moms who need to know they’re not alone. We aren’t here to show you that we have it all figured out, because we’re far from having it together. We’re here to share our struggles, our wins, the lessons God is teaching us through this season. You are invited to grow alongside us, to share your journey in the comment box or through a guest post. This site is not for Lisa and Amanda — it’s for you.

This place is not for judgment or debate over being a working mom. We recognize that every mom works hard for her family and wants the best for her children. Moms who have a career, whether part-time of full-time, work-at-home or out of the home, have unique challenges and perspectives. It is our passion to encouraging every working mom that you can be the mom God made you to be AND do the job God has called you to do.

We think you are the best kind of super hero, waking early and staying up late to love on your family. You lay down your life on a daily basis to provide for them, cooking, cleaning, changing, commuting, working, praying, reading, rocking, cuddling. You’re a Proverbs 31 woman even if you don’t realize it, even if you feel like you can’t keep up. In Christ, you are adequate, you have all you need. And you have sisters cheering you on.

We will be sharing here at least weekly, perhaps more or less in certain seasons. We’ll write about the things God is teaching us, our working mom stories, and tips to make this chaotic life simpler. Guest posts are welcome, and we hope to share wisdom from another working mom once a month. Contact us at encouragingworkingmoms@gmail.com to inquire about guest posting.

We can’t forget — a huge thank you to Jared at OM Outfitters for designing this beautiful space. He somehow took the vision in our minds and brought it to life, even when we didn’t know what we wanted!

A little bit about us:

I (Amanda) live in Minnesota with my sweet hubby, The Mechanic, and our two little monkeys; Monkey See is almost five, and Monkey Do is almost two. I work four days a week for the county government as an IT Specialist. In my ample free time (ha!) I love to read, enjoy nature, cook, and have girl time. My favorite things are coffee, chocolate, Call the Midwife, worship music, and ice cream. Jesus saved me as a young girl, and I’ve been learning how much He loves me and how much I need Him ever since — especially since I became a mommy! I’m looking forward to sharing my story of being a reluctant working mom, and how God has showed me I am loved and needed right where I am.

I (Lisa) live in California with my husband C, our 15-month-old daughter Little Bit, and our mini menagerie:  two cats, one dog, and an Amazon green parrot. As you can imagine, a quiet and clean house is a rare thing these days! I am a full-time government employee. My faith journey is a long and winding one, including dark days of abuse, doubt, and faith found, lost, and found again. I am unendingly grateful for God’s grace and mercy in my life and continually learning more about Him. Some of my favorite things are reading, music, enjoying geeky things (think Dr. Who and Firefly), decaf Americanos, and dark chocolate. I felt very alone as a Christian working mom when I first went back to work, and was blessed by the support of Amanda and our (in)courage community group. I look forward to encouraging you and pray this blog will help you in your journey. You can also find me at www.freedforfreedom.blogspot.com.

Please introduce yourself in the comments so we can get to know you! How old are your kids? Where do you work? What are your favorite things? Also, we welcome your feedback on the blog design/layout and any topics you’d like to see covered here! Thanks for being here and sharing our excitement. :)

Amanda and Lisa


  1. As someone who lives with an incredible, hard working (in all her jobs) I am so glad that there is a place to go for some encouragement…

  2. I am really excited about this! Looks like an answer to my prayers! I am mom to a 2 year old daughter, and another daughter due in a month. I am a full-time nurse. I love coffee, chocolate, red wine, and time off of work. :) I am so glad you’re doing this. It truly fills a need. I’ve felt very alone in this area for the past 2+ years!

    • Amanda and Lisa says:

      We are so glad you’re here, Margy! That is exactly why we started this blog — there is such a need for working moms to be supported and feel that we belong. I hope you’ll visit us again soon — our official blog kickoff is next Monday! :)

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for leading this group. I am very excited to have joined! I am a teacher who owns my own small school. I am blessed to have one son who is four, and I just had our daughter one month ago. I go back to work next week, so I feel like this group is a huge blessing at this time. I enjoy reading, theatre, and travel. Thanks again!

    • Amanda and Lisa says:

      Hi Rachel! We are so glad you’re here, and happy you also joined our FB community group. :) God is so good to give us what we need at just the right time, and we are grateful to be here for you!

  4. Hi Amanda & Lisa! Thanks for the courage and go-ahead to lead this group-I’m excited for how we’ll all connect. On Monday I began working outside the home after previously being a stay at home mom/independent consultant. My toddler hasn’t been transitioning well to this change and it is wearing on my heart. Also in my new position, staff aren’t allowed to talk much to each other so my need for adult interaction is not being met. I just don’t know what God is doing in all of this…anyhow I really need you all here!

    • Amanda and Lisa says:

      We are so glad you’re here, Rachel, and we will pray for you in your new transition. Oh, that is so hard. I pray we can be a blessing to you.

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